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WPSO finds 36 dogs, 7 turtles, and many more animals inside of mobile home

by David Specht

A deputy from the Sheriff’s Office was sent out to investigate the residence after someone called about hearing a child screaming from the front yard. Once on scene, law enforcement came to the mobile trailer to find a hoarding situation of animals taking place. 

There were 36 dogs, 7 turtles, 1 rabbit, 2 ferrets, 2 roosters, hamsters, and rats in the mobile home and on the property. According to the Sheriff’s office most of the dogs were chained up, and all of the animals needed medical attention, food, water, and lacked proper shelter.

“In my 28 years of law enforcement for many years now and I haven’t seen anything quite like this,” said Sheriff Jason Parker.

There were so many animals that WPSO didn’t even get them all during their first trip. After the initial rescue, deputies later had to go back to the property to attain three more dogs.

There was an adult man, woman, and a ten year old child living inside of a mobile trailer with all the aforementioned animals under these conditions. According to Sheriff Parker, there was a hole in the bottom of the trailer that the dogs used to freely get in and out.

Conditions were so bad that the person that was first sent in to check the residence had to wear full body protective gear and a breathing apparatus. Sheriff Parker also extended his gratitude to the Doyline Fire Department for their help during this call, offering some of their men to help search the property as well. 

WPSO coordinated with LaMa Animal Rescue in Springhill in order to coordinate the medical attention the animals needed as well as starting the process to find homes for them as well.

“We assisted Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office in a hoarding/abuse situation last night and this morning. We took in 11 small dogs and puppies and helped WPSO coordinate the placement of other animals. They are spread out at several other rescues. We need help covering the medical expenses. Several of the ones we took in are sick and all of them will need regular vaccinations, etc. Please help if you can,” the LaMa Animal Rescue’s Facebook post read.

Donations can be made to their Venmo at [email protected]. Donations can also be mailed directly to PO box 224 Springhill LA 71075 or by sending a donation directly to McMahen’s Veterinary clinic by calling 318-539-5114 during regular business hours.

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