Altercation at barbershop leads to firearms, drug charges

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Minden Police arrested two Minden men on drugs and firearms charges Friday.

Barron S. Bailey, 18, of Buck Street in Minden, Tadarian D. Jackson, 22, of E. Roosevelt in Minden,and Zachariahe J. Walker, 23 of Shane Drive in Minden were arrested following an investigation stemming from a complaint at a local barbershop.

Minden Police officers were dispatched to Woo’s barbershop on Martin Luther King Drive in reference to a subject threatening others with a gun, according to police reports.

The complainant stated the subject left in a vehicle and gave the license plate number of that vehicle. Police located the vehicle on Fulton street.

“The vehicle’s front driver’s side tire was bald making the vehicle unsafe,” the report read. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, joined by another police officer who arrived on scene. As officers were detaining the occupants, police noticed an open container of mad dog 20/20 in the middle of the back seat where Bailey was sitting.

During a frisk, officers felt a bulge in Bailey’s 5th pocket, which was packaging commonly associated with synthetic marijuana. The item was later confirmed to be synthetic marijuana (later weighed at 1.59).

“Bailey was mirandized and he claimed it was natural marijuana,” the report read.

Front seat passenger, Kellion Harris was also detained during the stop. An officer observed a baggie containing synthetic marijuana laying in the front passenger floorboard.

During a search of the vehicle, police located a .38 special revolver in the glove box. There was loose marijuana shake all throughout the vehicle, according to the report. “Jackson and Walker told me they were both convicted felons,” the report read.

Post miranda, no one claimed possession of the firearm, synthetic marijuana or alcohol.

All four subjects were arrested. More items were found during a search at the Minden Police Department.

“In Bailey’s underwear, officers located a loaded .22 Revolver, 33 pills of ecstasy, and 20 individual packages of synthetic marijuana,” the report read.

Bailey was charged with possession of a schedule 1 controlled dangerous substance (synthetic marijuana) with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of schedule 1 controlled dangerous substance (ecstasy) with intent to distribute, and open container.

Jackson was charged with possession of a schedule 1 controlled dangerous substance (synthetic marijuana), felon in possession of a firearm, unsafe equipment, open container, and no drivers license

Walker was with possession of a schedule 1 controlled dangerous substance (synthetic marijuana), felon in possession of a firearm, and open container.

Charges against Harris were unknown as of press time.


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