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Barnette to Lunch Bunch: Be prepared

by Minden Press-Herald

The Lunch Bunch welcomed Minden Police Detective Ryan Barnette as their program speaker to provide factual data and share his knowledge of the ever-growing problem of mass shootings and active shooters.

Barnette, who has nine years experience with the Minden Police Department and teaches classes for citizens to gain their concealed carry permit, harped on the importance of training for active shooter situations in settings that feel as real as possible.

Barnette went through a brief history of recent mass shootings, beginning with Columbine, before moving on to Virginia Tech, and most recently, Parkland, Florida.

“It should reflect a real-world situation,” Barnette said. “If we own a gun, but don’t put in the time to train ourselves for these situations, we’re nothing more than a liability to everyone around us.”

Barnette urged attendees to “make their personal safety a personal responsibility,” before noting the importance of aspects of shooting situations, like the importance of keeping a first aid and trauma kit nearby.

“I tell people all the time,” Barnette said. “You are far more likely to save a life with a trauma or medical kit than a gun; but if you are permitted to carry a concealed weapon, I encourage you to take it with you everywhere you’re legally permitted to carry. The more tools you have in your tool box, the better.”

Louisiana State Police, whose office has the responsibility of handling every concealed carry permit request in the state, are currently backed up to around a one-year turnaround time for permits, according to Barnette and confirmed by a Louisiana State Police officer in attendance.

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