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Mayor: Sales tax revenue on the rise

Minden Mayor Tommy Davis was cautiously optimistic at the Minden City Council meeting Monday night, announcing that sales tax collections in Minden were on an upward trend.

“The sales tax fund shows three months (in a row) of growth in revenues,” Davis told the council.

“October was $2,000 over [expected revenue.] November was $33,000 over. December was $86,000 over. We definitely see a trend in sales tax revenue going up. We believe they are going to continue to go up.”

District A Councilman Wayne Edwards asked about the spike in December sales tax figures. “There is a reason for that,” Davis said. “The sales tax commission has made an extra concerted effort to collect sales taxes that have not been paid. This shows they have been doing their job.”

Davis added the figures should continue to come in over expected amounts.

“It won’t be that high every month, but we believe it to be a trend,” he said.