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President and Vice President voted in for upcoming year at school board

by Minden Press-Herald

At the beginning of the December Webster Parish School Board Meeting, the members of the board voted for who is going to be their President and Vice President for the upcoming year. 

They started with the nomination for president. Johnnye Kennon was nominated, ran unopposed, and was voted in unanimously. “Thank you so much. I appreciate your confidence in me, and I really appreciate working with each and every one of you,” said Kennon.

Then nominations came forward for Vice President. Charles Strong was nominated, ran unopposed, and was voted in unanimously. “It’s an honor to serve on this body. It’s a privilege to serve with each of you, and it’s just a rippin’ trip to serve alongside this lady. Thank you all,” said Strong.

Thank you for all of your services as we enter into another year on this board. I say all the time we are blessed to have the quality of board that we do, because again, it’s not that way everywhere, and I don’t say that lightly. I really appreciate y’all,” said Superintendent Johnny Rowland. 

The Director of Head Start, Wanda Finley, came to the meeting to explain and answer any questions about an agreement the board will be voting on in January regarding some of the properties that Head Start uses. This agreement will essentially finalize some paperwork that was needed in order for Headstart to move forward in using their over $1 million in grant money to improve their sites in Minden and Cotton Valley.

“Basically, it’s just to tear down the old facility because the facility is not livable, it’ not sellable, and put another facility there on the opposite side of where the facility is, so that there is no laps of services for the children,” said Wanda Finley, Director of Head Start. 

The School Board Community Liaison, Ursula Hullaby has recently gone on a trip for the Student Safety and Security Conference, which she described as “an awesome event.”

“I was so excited to find out that our district, that has about 6000 kids in it, are doing some big things. Some things that some larger districts aren’t doing and want to do. It made me feel good to be from Webster Parish,” said Ursula. 

The Webster Parish School Board meeting takes place on the first Monday of every month, starting at 6 p.m. at their offices located at 1442 Sheppard Street in Minden.

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