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Shreveport man busted with bags of marijuana

On December 13, a  Shreveport man was arrested on drug charges after Minden police officers observed his erratic driving on Lee Street.

Officers were dispatched after Jeremy O’Brian Briggs, 29, of the 2000 block of Queens Highway in Shreveport, was spotted by witnesses swerving on the roadway of eastbound I-20. The officers located the vehicle after it had exited north onto Lee Street.

“Officers observed the suspect vehicle swerve from the outside lane to the inside lane, almost hitting another vehicle as the vehicle traveled across Interstate-20 on Lee Street,” the officer stated in the booking report. “The suspect vehicle then swerved back to the outside lane, almost hitting the same vehicle again.”

The officers initiated a traffic stop, and Briggs began to drive at a slow speed, eventually stopping beside the Holiday Inn, but still in the outside lane of traffic. The officer could see that, inside the suspect’s vehicle, the driver was moving something from the passenger seat. When the driver rolled down his window, the officers could smell alcohol and burnt marijuana.

“The driver, identified as Jeremy Briggs, was asked if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages, to which he stated yes,” the officer reported. “Briggs was asked if he had smoked any marijuana, to which he stated yes. [The officer] asked Briggs if there was any marijuana inside the vehicle, to which Briggs stated no, and stated [the officer] could search the vehicle.”

Briggs was asked to perform a standardized field sobriety test. He attempted several times, but was unable to pass the test. At this point he was arrested for driving while intoxicated and was searched.

“During a search of Briggs’ person, a small clear bag with a green leafy substance, suspected to be marijuana, was located in the front right pocket of Briggs’ pants,” the report stated. “Also located in the same pocket was a pack of Backwoods cigars, with one cigar inside of it and a bundle of cash. As [the other officer] was walking to the suspect vehicle to conduct a search, he located a large clear bag with a green leafy substance, suspected to be marijuana, laying on the ground beside the passenger door. When Briggs was asked about the bag, he stated he had thrown it out the window in an attempt to hide it from officers. 

“A search of the vehicle turned up another clear bag with a green leafy substance, suspected to be marijuana, being found in the passenger-side compartment of the vehicle, along with more cash stuffed underneath the passenger seat.”

Briggs was transported to the Minden Police Department without further incident. At that time he was given a chemical breath test and failed it with a result of 0.127%. Anything above 0.08% is grounds for a DWI. 

When the marijuana and cash were weighed and counted, there were approximately 24.86 grams of marijuana (with individual bags weighing 5.11 grams, 9.12 grams, and 10.63 grams) and $2,604 in cash.

Briggs was charged with driving while intoxicated, possession of a schedule I (marijuana) with intent to distribute, driving without a driver’s license, improper lane usage, and obstruction of justice.

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.