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Walker Holding Group and Smart Foundation Holds 5th Annual Fan Drive to Help Fight Summer Heat

by Will Phillips

The Smart Foundation is partnering with The Walker Holding Group for their annual Michael & Chequella Walker Fan Drive. This drive aims to help those who need help fighting the hot Louisiana summer by providing them with free fans. 

“We started the Michael & Chequella Walker fan drive five years ago because we wanted to help and give back to our city. Each year we’ve collected over a hundred fans, although last year the numbers were down because of COVID-19. The City of Minden also donates to our cause and for that reason we love our home town! If we can make just one person a little cooler this summer we will be happy. We are always trying ways to make the drive bigger and better,” said Michael Walker.

Citizens are asked to donate new box dans, oscillating fans, tabletop fans, or make a donation that we will use to purchase fans. These fans will be given to people who need them to help get through the extremely hot Louisiana summer months. 

Drop-off locations are 112 W. Roosevelt Drive & 520 Broadway St. in Minden, LA. For questions or concerns please contact Chequella at 318-707-3532, Michael Walker at 318-210-1799, or Phillip Smart at 318-607-5123.

Walker also mentioned the partnership he formed with Minden’s Economic Development Director Phillip Smart, stating they had worked on previous projects together, such as the coat drive that they organized this past winter.

“This year, Phillip Smart of the Smart Foundation will be joining us to help in our drive this year. We have worked with Phillip on other projects and they turned out great. We are sure this project will be great as well. Because of the magnitude of our events we began “The Walker Holding Group” for charity and legal purposes. We want to thank every person that has donated to our cause,” said Michael Walker.

Smart explained that he had a similar idea, but when he found out that Walker already had one over, he thought it best for them to combine their efforts 

“I like to help solve problems, that is my job after all. If I see a need, I address it and determine the best way to solve it. The heat in Louisiana is very dangerous and must be taken seriously. We all know someone that may not have an air conditioner or a fan; consequently, numbers of individuals lose their life to Louisiana heat. The way to help is to keep them cool. I had the idea to do a fan drive and when I started looking for donors, I then noticed Michael already had one going. So I thought since we are better together I will just partner with him and make this a huge event,” said Phillip Smart. 

“If you would like to donate a fan or give a donation and we can purchase the fan, please give me a call 318-607-5123 and I will pick them up if need be. The Smart Foundation was started to help others in need. They have one goal, to help the less fortunate. No matter who, no matter what, I will do what I can when I can. I just want everyone in our community to know someone is there and that someone cares. We are here for you,” said Smart.

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