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Webster Parish man holds own mother captive

by Minden Press-Herald

Earlier this week a Webster Parish man by the name of Gavin Green was arrested on charges of domestic abuse and false imprisonment after threatening violence against his own mother if she were to leave her home. 

Deputies initially made contact with the mother at the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office, as the booking report states, “In reference to her 22 year old son, Gavin Green, hitting her. [she] told me Gavin came into her house while she was asleep and began screaming at her. She said he punched her in the face (causing a bruise on her eye). He then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill her if she left the house. 

“[She] said Gavin took her phone as well so she would not be able to call 911. [She] was scared for her life and unable to leave the house. She also mentioned that, at some point, Gavin was armed with a .410 shotgun while she was confined to her room.”

The report states that she said she was confined to her room all of Monday night and all of Tuesday.

She was able to escape when Green fell asleep on the couch. She heard her mother pull into the driveway and immediately left the house to file a report at the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office. 

“On our way to make contact with Green, his grandmother called the WPSO and advised Gavin said he would make deputies shoot him if they showed up to talk to him. We then learned he left the house walking down the road toward the truckstop. We made contact with Gavin at Goodwill Road truck stop casino,” the booking report stated. 

Once Deputies made contact with Green, he gave a conflicting narrative as to how the events of those days played out, though given that deputies decided to move forward with his arrest, it is safe to say that his story didn’t hold much water. 

“Gavin said he and his cousin showed up at her house, his mother pulled a gun on them, and he had to wrestle the gun away from her. When asked why did Gavin tell his grandma he would make the deputy shoot him, he said that he did not want to deal with the police,” the report read. 

Green was arrested on the charges of domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, and was soon transported to BDCC. Green was out on bond from a felony domestic abuse battery charge in Livingston Parish and also had an active warrant through the WPSO.

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