Shop locally, even during crunch time

It is Christmas crunch time. We have exactly one week until Christmas Eve. For many, it is the height of the Christmas...

Local media support is an investment in the community

I was shocked and saddened to read about The Minute Magazine publishing its final edition. Twenty years ago, a group of entrepreneurs...


Jonathan Douglas

Chauncy Wills

Wilma Kinsey

Kendrick Rambo

Carleton Council

Frankie A. Moss


The costs of things, including newspapers

As I think back, I must say I have never known me or my family to not get the local newspaper.  All...

Some local legends and misconceptions

In the past I have dedicated an entire column to the history of the “hitching lot” in downtown Minden. That lot was...

Pay it forward at all times of year

As we go through this holiday season I keep seeing people saying, “Pay it forward. Be a blessing to others.” I feel we...

Union veterans buried in the Minden area

When surveying the burials in cemeteries in small town and rural areas of the deep south, such as the Minden area, one of the...